number 305


week 52


DIGITAL LIVE RADIO SESSION (CD by Apo 33) A CD of improvisation recorded for a radio station in France including members of Formanex, the younger brother of AMM. The four members (Christophe Havard, Emmanuel Leduc, John Morien and Julien Ottavi) play here radio, minidisc, computer, sampler, turntables... as you can imagine this results in a very electronical improvisation. Elements of pre-recorded sounds pop up in the mix which stem from radio and/or vinyl. The endresult, some 46 minutes of improvisation, is quite a heavy affair. More noisy then usual in the improvisational areas (although never nowhere close to good ol Merzbow of course) which makes this, at times, to a pretty tiring affair to go through in one go (and unfortunally the disc is not indexed, so it's hard to skip or play favourites - just in case you might want to use this in your own digital ^Clive radio session), but the good elements prevail. An energetic mix of DJs for non-movers - and count me in there. (FdW)