(ABSURD 2002°

fibrr records is a label whose recordings I’ve been seing around for a while but was only recently that did I have the chance to experience a couple… such as the mesmerizing [n:q] project cd, a documentation of a quartet consisting of jean chevalier, christophe havard, julien ottavi and keith rowe playing with the usual conventional and unconventional instruments and creating an impressive improvised somber atmosphere full of dense sound layers making a result which really amazed me. or the digital live radio session project cd the documentation of the christophe havard, emmanuel leduc, john morin & julien ottavi quartet whose piercing improvised pulverizing sound brought in mind the devastating “trio horizontale” cdr on oui dire but this one is more dense layered constructed and has a fantastic intensity! a label from the sound of which I expect much more pleasant surprises in the future!